New Name

NCMF marks the 2 year anniversary of our brand Not Another Rich Kidd. To all of our fans who made this a possibility, we can’t say thank you enough. 

As some of you may have noticed, we've decided to evolve the brand and take things to the next level. Our new name moving forward will be Rebels to Royalty, a perfect mix of where we started and where we are headed. The Rebels portion of the brand will be very similar to what you are used to seeing now with NARK, great street wear clothing in the form of tees, tanks and hoodies. The Royalty portion, which we’re very excited about, will be more refined. As we start to release the Fall and Winter lines, you can expect to see cut and sewn button ups, and hats. 

Again, thank you to all of our fans who have helped mold this clothing line into what it is today. We looked forward to your continued support with Rebels to Royalty. Now you’ll have to decide, are you a Rebel or a Royal?